CHS 1953 - 65th REUNION * IN REVIEW *

Our 65th Class Reunion weekend is now behind us. Because this was our "Farewell Reunion" there was a sense of joy in being together, but also sadness to say farewell to life-time friendships from grade school, CJHS, and CHS. In pre-planning, the Reunion Committee did not know what expectations should be for attendance. For all events during the Reunion weekend the attendance exceeded our expectations. The good attendance is what made this reunion a success and memorable. Our optional gatherings at Steak 'n' Shake, social time on Friday night, and breakfast at the Hilton on Saturday and Sunday were well attended. The Saturday night main reunion event began with social time and showing of a Fabulous 50s video with 50s music. The opening prayer was recited by Shirley (Hausmann) Schweighart followed by a moment of silence in memory of deceased classmates. We have lost a total of 96 classmates, with 20 being during the last five years since our last reunion.

The plated sit-down dinner was followed by a Welcome and Remarks by Phil Matteson reviewing our Class of 1953 contributions to CHS history. We were the 56th class to graduate from CHS, and the current 2018 class was the 151st. Our class is definitely a part of CHS history. Phil reviewed the accomplishments of our school yearbook staff, our school newspaper staff, our drama cast, our speech team, our debate team, our musicians, our building trades group, our football, basketball, baseball, track, golf and tennis sport teams. Phil made a special mention of our most successful sport team being the wrestling team, which placed first in the Big 12, first in the Sectional, and 4th in the State. Caption Carl Meeks finished first in the state 120 lb. weight class. For his individual accomplishment representing our class, a Carl Meeks 1953 Championship banner hangs high in the rafters of CHS Combes Gym overlooking the gym floor. Members of that team who attended the reunion were Bill Hartz and Hank Hatch. Phil mentioned our one CHS 1953 classmate in the CHS Athletic Hall of Fame being Ola Bundy. Also, reference was made to Susan (Black) Drummond who, along with other CHS 1953 classmates, started the Max Maroon mascot tradition. Phil stressed that each CHS 1953 classmate was an important member of our class, and that we all can be proud of our class contributions toward the history of CHS.

In closing, Phil acknowledged a "thank you" to each classmate who helped with reunions over the past 65 years. A special "thank you" to Harold Keller for his excellent work in maintaining our class website since June 28, 1999. A special "thank you" to Shirley (Hausmann) Schweighart for her many years of organizing. As for himself, Phil stated that he has enjoyed event planning for the class going back to our ninth grade dance..."Dreamers Holiday" and our Junior-Senior Prom..."Ball Parisian."

Raffle items were won by....Charles Cremeens (Mens CHS Polo) - Don Maxwell (Womens CHS Polo) - Bob Apperson (Dr. Howard 1907 coat hook) - Terry O'Neill (CHS Athletic Hall of Fame book) - and Bob Selvey (Steak 'n' Shake Teddy Bear).

Our class website will continue for an indefinite period of time. Visit our website at for class news, directory, and 65th reunion pictures.

Classmates who made reservations for the reunion were:

Robert Alsop, Martha (Anderson) Hursey, Robert Apperson, Barbara (Bailey) Thrash,
Ruth (Bulkley) Warfield, Charles Cremeens, Patricia (Demlow) Williams, Joyce (Denman) Butsch,
Ray Griffet, Richard Haines, Tom Hammersmith, Bill Hartz, Hank Hatch, Shirley (Hausmann) Schweighart,
Wally Heintzen, Kay Kessler, Jackie (Luce) Wilen, Doris (McCown) Potts, Phil Matteson, Don Maxwell, Louis Mays,
Jim Neal, Terry O'Neill, Virginia (Percy) Strong, Kay (Pfiester) Goodling, Myrna (Primmer) Anglin,
Richard Rohr, Carolyn (Schloz) Hamrick, Nancy (Schubert) Darnall, Don Scott, Bob Selvey, Bob Slade,
Lois (Smith) Dunn, Louise (Smith) Hill, Roger Sphar, J. R. Stillwell, Keith Whited, and Ruth Woodworth.

Submitted by Reunion Committee
July 31, 2018

Friday Lunch at Steak 'n Shake

Carol & Bob Apperson, Shirley (Hausmann) Schweighart, Phil & Donna Matteson
Bob Slade, Hank & Shelley Hatch, Ruth (Bulkley) Warfield

Carol Apperson, Bob Apperson, Shirley (Hausmann) Schweighart

Bob Slade, Hank Hatch, Shelley Hatch

Ruth (Bulkley) Warfield---Daughter, Betty C. Bemis

Friday Night at the HILTON GARDEN INN

Nancy Neal - Jim Neal

"Red" Anglin, Shirley (Hausmann) Schweighart, Myrna (Primmer) Anglin

Bev Selvey, Bob Selvey, Phil Matteson, Shelley Hatch, Hank Hatch

Doris (McCown) Potts - Tricia Casey

Tom Hammersmith - Carla Alsop - Bob "Babe" Alsop

Kay (Pfiester) Goodling - Red Anglin - Bob Slade - Shirley (Hausmann) Schweighart

Janann Vance (friend of) - Jean (Decker) Meislahn

Saturday Night Banquet at the HILTON GARDEN INN

Welcome Table for the CHS 1953 Classmates

Lost in the 50s Display

Cheerleaders 50s Display

65th Reunion Cake

Banquet Table Layout

Place Setting Layout

Virginia (Percy) Strong - Carolyn (Schloz) Hamrick - Nancy (Schubert) Darnall

Richard Haines- Dianne Haines

Don Maxwell - Shirley (Hausmann) Schweighart

Carol Apperson - Bob Apperson - Martha (Anderson) Hursey

Kay Kessler - Kay (Pfiester) Goodling

Wally Heintzen - Elga Heintzen

Karen Scott - Don Scott - Terry O'Neill

Bob Williams - Patsy (Demlow) Williams

Helen Williams - Dick Williams

Ray Griffet - Carol Griffet

Jackie (Luce) Wilen - Keith Whited - Betty C. Bemis Duaghter of - Ruth (Bulkley) Warfield

Roger Sphar - Jeannette Sphar

Amy Butler - Tom Hammersmith

Don Maxwell - Karolee Rohr - Richard Rohr

Charles Cremeens - Donna Cremeens

(F)- Doris (McCown) Potts - Tricia Casey (with Doris)
(B)- Myrna (Primmer) Anglin - Carolyn (Schloz) Hamrick - Red Anglin - Virginia (Percy) Strong

Lois (Smith) Dunn - Louie Hill - Louise (Smith) Hill

Carla Alsop - Bob "Babe" Alsop

(F)- Bob Thrash - Barbara (Bailey) Thrash
(B)- Ruth (Woodworth) Karcher - Nancy (Schubert) Darnall

Shelley Hatch - Hank Hatch

Jim Neal - Nancy Neal

Phil Matteson - delivering his last reunion speech

Shirley (Hausmann) Schweighart - Phil Metteson drawing door prize winners

Bev Selvey holding the teddy bear raffle won by her husband, Bob Selvey

Saturday and Sunday Breakfast at the HILTON GARDEN INN

(Left side-F to B) Shirley (Hausmann) Schweighart - Nancy Neal - Jim Neal

(Right side-F to B) Bob Apperson - Carol Apperson - Hank Hatch - Shelley Hatch - Ruth (Bulkley) Warfield - her daughter Betty Bemis

Hank Hatch (Wearing his High School letter sweater earned in Wrestling) - Shelley Hatch

(L) Bev Selvey (R) Bob Selvey - (C)Phil Matteson

front- Don Scott - Elga Heintzen - Bev Selvey - Donna Matteson - Karen Scott - Phil Matteson - Wally Heintzen - Bob Selvey

Photos Provided by Donna Matteson, Hank Hatch and Betty Bemis
Editing and web page by Harold Keller

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