Lunch at Steak 'n Shake

Nancy (Klopfenstein) Davis, Tom and Ruth (Bulkley) Warfield

Sarita (Alexander) Tucker, Kay Kesler, Kay (Pfiester) Goodling

Mary Ellen (Heinicke) Byerly, Bill King

Betty (Stilwell) King, Mary Jane (Bruggeman) Stevens

Phil Matteson, Terry O'Neill, Tom Hammersmith

Bob Slade, Louie Mays

Carole Keller, Bob Soucie, Bob Apperson

Jan (Royse) Hodson, Shirley (Hausmman) Schweighart-Soucie, Donna Matteson

Tom Hammersmith, Wendell Hull

Friday Night at the HILTON

Phil Matteson, Dick Haines

Jim and Nancy Neal

Donna (Keene) Meeks and Vachel

Carole and Harold Keller

John and Diane Wilson

Donna Matteson, Karen Scott. Myrna (Primmer) Anglin

Dick Colbert (1952), Don Scott, Bob Selvey, Wally Heintzen

Banquet at the BAYTOWNE CAFE

Our Banquet Cake

Our Table Centerpiece

Phil reading our Yearbook Prophecy

Jack Dixon delivering a joke

Bob Selvey, Elga and Wally Heintzen, Donna Matteson

Richard and Helen Williams, Ruth (Woodward) Karcher, John Wilson, Robert and Patsy (Demlow) Williams,

Jan (Royse) Hodson, Barbara (Bailey) Thrash and Bob, Betty (Stilwell) King and Bill

Ray and Carol Griffet, Tom Hammersmith, Donna and Charles Cremeens, Keith Whited

Carolyn (Schloz) Hamrick, Virginia (Percy) Strong, Jean (Decker) Meislahn

Martha (Anderson) Hursey, Tricia Casey, Doris (McCown) Potts, Lois (Smith) Dunn

Ruth (Bulkley) Warfield and Tom, Dusty and Sarita (Alexander) Tucker, Virginia (Hanson) Rose

Bill Fleming, Richard Rohr

Carolyn (Schloz) Hamrick, Virginia (Percy) Strong, Jean (Decker) Meislahn, Nancy (Schubert) Darnell

Mary Ellen Fincham, Karolee Rohr, Anita Fleming, Carole Keller

Bob and Bev Selvey

Ann and Wendell Hull, Bev Selvey

Bob Slade, Ron Selvidge

Donna (Keene) Meeks Receiving Door Prize from Shirley

Bob Selvey Receiving a Door Prize

Bob Alsop with the Grand Door Prize

Phil receiving a token of thanks for his input to the class web site.
A "CHS" logo watch presented by Harold Keller

Photos Provided by Wendell Hull, Bob Selvey and Harold Keller

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